Treating Nocturnal Cramps


Nocturnal leg cramps can be painful and keep a person up at night. As many as 60 percent of adults suffer from these cramps. Treatment for nocturnal leg cramps can help a person sleep pain free.
Drink Plenty of Water
If a person is not drinking enough water their leg cramps can be more painful and more frequent. If the body is dehydrated than the cramps can become worse. A person should drink between six to eight glasses of water a day. This can make a big difference when they go to sleep.
Many doctors recommended stretching before bed to reduce the cramps. This will help relax the leg muscles and remove tension.
These are some suggestion that doctors have to help reduce the frequency of nocturnal leg cramps. These cramps and painful and disrupt sleep. By following this simple advice a person will reduce the occurrence of cramps and sleep good at night.